Got Something on Your Mind?

There is an ancient Huna technique for talking to yourself to get information you need.  This is something I do quite often.  Yeah, I should probably be examined for schizophrenia! =)

In the Huna tradition, there are three parts to your mind.
The Lono.  Max Freedom Long called this the “low self.”  It could be loosely characterized as your conscious mind.
The Ku.  MFL called this the “middle self.”  It translates loosely (very loosely at that) as “subconscious mind.”
Then there is the Kane (Kah-nay).  MFL called this the “high self.”  It could be equated to your spiritual being, god within, or whatever you choose to phrase it as long as it’s along those lines.

Our focus here is going to be on the ku.

The Ku is the problem solver.  He knows things about you.  He knows every little detail about your life in the past and present.  That is why the ku is similar to the subconscious mind.  Even if you don’t know it, your subconscious is always on and always recording.  Same with your ku.  He might have a different personality than you.  Oftentimes he does.  I don’t know why or how, but with the people I’ve taught this exercise to, or talked to their ku for their own therapeutical reasons before dropping them down in to trance, the ku always seems to be different than their conscious self.

The first step in communicating with your ku is to give it a name.  What’s the first one  that pops in to your mind?  Mine happened to like the name Ku.  I’m OG and he’s Ku.  It works for us.  If you can’t think of a name, ask him what he wants to be called.

For first-timers (and most of you are), the second step is to close your eyes and take in a slow deep breath, and then exhale.  It’s for relaxation purposes only.  It helps to think more clearly if you’re in a nice state of relaxation.  Once you begin to talk to him more often, you’ll be able to do this while doing anything with your eyes open.  Just don’t talk out loud if you’re doing this in public.  I’d hate to have you picked up and taken to the mental ward! =)

Now talk to him.  Get to know him.  If you two butt heads, oh well.  You’re stuck with him! =)

First ask him to retrieve his favorite memories.  Whether it be childhood, adolescence, or adulthood.  You might be surprised with what he considers to be his favorite memories.  They just might be some of your favorite memories too.

Next have him bring out his least favorite memories.  Some of these may be painful.  The key here is to not be afraid and let it happen.  You can always change these memories in to something more pleasant later on.  But that’s for a different blog.

I’ve had some rather interesting experiences talking to Ku.  He’s shown me things I have long forgotten about, and given me answers to problems that have been plaguing me.  For example, back in 2007 I was dating this very beautiful six-foot tall redhead.  She was amazing!  After two weeks of dating, however, I started to get paranoid and thought she was playing me.  I had no logical reason to.  A few months after we broke up, I was sitting at my computer trying to figure out why I was so fucked up over this break up.  Ku came to me (I didn’t even know he existed as this point) and told me that I have a tendency to get paranoid about shit once I make things “official” with a girl.  I was not being played by her, nor was I playing her.  Back then I was a one woman man.

Hell, I thought I was talking with God at that time.  Then, after I learned this technique, Ku told me it was him, and not the Creator, that had intervened and answered my problem.  He’s been there forever.  I have had several other times in my life, always under an extreme amount of emotional stress, where Ku had simply come forward and slapped me around for cunting.  Now that I know how to contact him at will, I do.  If I can’t sleep, but can tell he’s got something going on in there, I’ll ask him what’s going on.  That’s how I developed my last latest technique for giving women hypnotic orgasms.  Once that flood of information hit me, I was able to fall asleep.  Now I just use self-hypnosis to put myself to sleep.

Once you get more and more familiar with your ku, talk to him.  Develop a relationship with him.  He can be a very valuable ally in your life.  But he can also be a cock blocker and fuck your shit up.  The key is to find a balanced relationship with him and you’ll see a myriad of improvements in your life once you two begin to work in harmony.

Keep me posted.



2 Responses to “Got Something on Your Mind?”

  1. Does this have anything to do with imaginary friends that people might have? Is this KU an imaginary friend of yours? Like ones kids have.. and some adults too.

    Or is it something else, more divine or more real?

    • It’s essentially your subconscious mind. The ancient Hawaiians figured out a way to communicate internally. They were, in some regards, a lot more advanced with psychology than modern psychologists today.

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