Shut Up!!!

Not a very friendly title.  Is it? =)

What we’re covering today is that nagging little voice in the back of your head that tells you you’re no good, or some other bullshit that prevents you from doing what it is you want to accomplish.

Now the other day I told you how to get rid of those anxious feelings.  Today the voice.  You combine the two of these and you get something POWERFUL!

Imagine a radio with the old analog knobs on it.  I prefer a radio, but you can use a TV or anything at all that has a volume knob on it.  You’re listening to that bullshit voice telling you you’re not worthy, or whatever he’s saying.  Makes you feel like garbage.  Right?  I hated him too!  And then I came up with this!

Turn the volume down.  That’s right.  Imagine that volume knob is turning to the left, decreasing the volume at which that voice speaks to you.  Keep turning it until he’s all the way gone.  Turn it a little bit more and click off the radio.  Now, do the breathing exercise from the Anxiety post and watch what happens! =)

Now that you have these two simple, yet effective, tools in your arsenal, don’t you think it’s time to put them to use in the Real World?  If you believe that it can be done, then it can.

Keep checking back here as you never know when I’m going to be blogging and coming up with more crazy shit!



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