Finding Your Power Animal

Power animals, animal totems, spirit guides.  There are other names for this but these are three most commonly used terms I’ve found in my research.

These animals can be very beneficial to you on your journey towards enlightenment.  My particular animals are the white rabbit (snow hare?) and (king) cobra.  I’ve known for a while that I’ve had some sort of connection to the cobra, but I’m still not sure what it is.  I’m researching what it means but all I can seem to find is the snake (generic).  What I find is that the snake is the symbol of change, enlightenment, death/rebirth (skin shedding), transformation, and a whole other host of qualities.  Various cultures attach different associations with it.  Some positive.  Some negative.  Regardless, Snake can teach you many things about yourself.  Rabbit, on the other hand, symbolizes living by one’s own wits, and moving through fear, amongst many other traits.

It wasn’t until I went to the School of Steve P that I realized that I also had the rabbit as a power animal.  Rabbits have always had a presence in my life, whether as a pet as a child (Happy Easter! =D), a “lucky” rabbit’s foot, or see them running through my yard.  I just never knew the association.  While in a deep trance state heavily influenced by a shamanic drummer, Hypnotica asked us to find our “animal.”  I knew exactly what he meant as I had done some research on this previously.  Next thing I know I see  a large white rabbit.  Sitting there.  As the trance progressed I could feel myself going deeper.  I don’t know why, but I began channelling the energy of Snake.  I became Snake.  More specifically, I became Cobra.  I was rocking in motion like a king cobra being “charmed” by the flute.  As the drumming picked up the experience was greatly intensified!  Next thing I know I see myself as Cobra and I’m eating Rabbit!

Talk about a trip!

What that told me is that both Snake and Rabbit are important to me.  With Rabbit, I am cunning, swift, and capable of making it on my own.  With Snake, I am powerful, intelligent, spiritual, and constantly changing/evolving.  As Snake, when I ate Rabbit, that told me that I’m the source of everything that is me.  I am the source of my energy.  I am the source of everything needed for me to survive in this lifetime.

The first time I found that Snake was a power animal, I had gone in to a trance designed specifically for this purpose.  While I cannot remember the original method of going in to this trance, I have devised something that will work wonderfully!

Get in to a nice, comfortable position.  If you’re sitting up on a couch or chair, keep your feet flat on the ground and your legs uncrossed with your arms either hanging at your side, or resting comfortably on your lap.  If you’re laying down, keep your legs uncrossed and arms either at your side or on your belly or legs.  It’s important not to cross any body parts as this disrupts the flow of your energy/chi/mana/life force… whatever you choose to call it.  It makes it harder for you to go in to trance.

NOTE:  Before you do this, if you feel you cannot commit this to memory, you can either record this or have a friend do this with you.  However you choose to do this will work just fine.

Now, as you’re getting comfortable, I want you to imagine yourself walking through the forest.  You come across a hole in the ground.  It doesn’t seem to have an ending.  You jump in to it and find that you’re gently gliding down.  Every twenty-five feet you see a sign that says HYPNOSIS.  As you pass each sign you find that your thoughts begin to slow and quiet down, while your body becomes more and more relaxed.  When you feel you’ve gone deep enough down this hole (and you’ll know when you have), you find that you land gently upon your feet.

You’re now standing in a cave.  There’s a torch just up ahead.  As you lift the torch, you find that you become more relaxed.  More tranquil.  As you begin walking through the cave, you come across another torch hanging on the wall of the cave.  Your torch is extinguished, sending you deeper state of relaxation.  Picking up the new torch, you go deeper in to this cave.  After a little while longer, you come across a new torch hanging on the wall of the cave.  Your torch, once again, extinguishes on it’s own, sending you deeper in to a state of relaxation.  As you take this torch, you continue walking through the cave.  You reach a waterfall at the end of the corridor.

You walk up to it but you do not feel water splashing you.  You stick your free hand in to the fall.  You discover that it’s not water, but rather pure, positive energy.  You step in to it, allowing it to cover you.  You breathe it in and feel your confidence rising.  As you step away from the cascade of positive energy, you discover you’re walking through a small stream of this energy.  Looking down, you notice some minnows.  Do one of these stand out?  Does anything here catch your eye?  If not, it is OK.  As you lift your head, you see a beautiful pasture of the thickest, most luxurious grass before you.  You step upon the grass, feeling very comfortable.  Very confident.  As you continue your way through this meadow, you come a chair that looks as if it were made especially for you.  You sit down upon this magical chair, feeling it’s powerful energy becoming one with you.

Looking up, you notice an enchanted forest up ahead.  As you approach, you see your power animal.  What do you see?  Move in closer.  What’s it doing?  Now that you’re close to it, can you touch it?  What happens?

It’s time to go.  Does your new friend follow you?

As you move through the meadow, and back in to the stream, you make your way back in to the cave where a fresh torch is waiting for you.  As you grab the torch, and lift it up, you feel yourself starting to slowly wake back up.  Traveling back through the corridor, as you pass torches hanging on the wall, you find yourself coming back a little bit more.  As you reach the spot you had landed at, after gliding down through the hole, you find yourself floating back up.  You see signs every twenty-five feet that now read AWAKEN NOW.  Seeing these signs, you begin to slowly open your eyes and come back to the world around you.

Now that your eyes are open, and have discovered your power animal, you can do this again and again.  You can return to this area at will.  When you meditate, you can call upon your power animal to guide you on your journey.

I would strongly recommend learning about this animal; or insect for that matter.  Some people have the spider, or a cricket, as a totem.  Research on what lessons they can teach you.  Search what you can learn from it’s “medicine.”  What are it’s traits and how do they relate to you?  How can you integrate your power animal in to your life?

Becoming familiar with your totems, and learning about their lessons, medicine, and magic can greatly improve your life and lifestyle!



2 Responses to “Finding Your Power Animal”

  1. Hey OG- Do you practice Shamanism, or have you just worked with the hypnotic elements? What you describe is a “journey” to the lower world (“down the hole”), which is where one is most likely to encounter their power animal (or bird, etc–just stay away from insects). The general approach is to see if any particular animal shows up three or more times, and then ask it if it is your power animal. (A power animal will never give you a false answer.) If yes, then embrace it to bring it back with you. The quality of never giving you a false answer means that you can learn a lot from your power animal, if you think to ask it useful questions.

    We do not generaly use “guided meditation” such as you described, but rather just state your intent at the beginning, before going into a trance (ie, before the drumming). For example, your intent might be: “to journey to the lower world and find my power animal.” But what you will see in the lower world varies from person to person (unlike a guided meditation). Part of the exploration is to map your own lower world.

    There are also shamanic journeys to the upper or spirit world, where you will most likely meet your “teacher” ; and even journeys right here in the middle world, within which we live most of the time. After you have practiced for a while, you will be able to access these trance states instantly, at will, without the need of drumming.

    Having discovered your power animal(s), you will want to take steps to build your relationship with them, both by journeying with them, and by incorporating ways to bring them into your daily life in this middle world, eg. “dancing” your animal, adopting one as your pet, etc. This will build your power.

  2. I’m a student of Huna. It is a goal in life to become a kahuna kupua in the Order of Kane and I also enjoy some of the hypnotic elements of it, but know not to mess with what I do not completely know. While I am not an expert with animal totems, I had used a very similar setup from “Animal Speak” by Ted Andrews. Actually, I just about plagiarized it from memory without realizing. I knew Snake was one of my totems for a while and figured that Rabbit was as well because of how often it appears in my life. While I’m not versed well enough in animal totems to comment on all of them, why are insects to be avoided? Are they linked with dark forces? I’m asking purely out of curiosity.

    I left the design of the place in their as a way for people who are not very imaginative, to have a loose structure so they wouldn’t become frustrated when nothing materialized for them. While the lower and upper worlds vary from person to person, sometimes it could be beneficial for the newcomers to have some sort of guidance on their first journey. Right?


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