This past weekend, while attending the School of Steve P, Hypnotica dropped by to show everyone something called the META Yes.  It’s a very simple tool to help with changing your neurology for mastering your universe.

Now project a circle out in front of you.  What you do is tell yourself something that you know to be true.  “I am wearing white Air Force Ones.”  Take a moment and notice what you feel.   Step in to that circle and say “Yes!”  You can make a gesture if you choose to help anchor this feeling.  Now step out of that circle to where you were.  Repeat this a few times, saying the same thing over and over.  Now move on to something else that you know to be true.
“I just started my own Word Press blog.”  Notice how it feels.  Step in to the cirlce.  Yes!  Repeat.  Once you’ve done this a few times, amp it up.

“I am a masterful lover.”  Step in to the circle.  Yes!

Now, you’re probably saying to yourself, “But, OG!  This sounds just like an affirmation!  What gives?”  I’ll tell you what gives.  You keep reciting affirmations (a positive statement about yourself) they end up becoming mantras.  Remember that episode of Seinfeld where Kramer kept muttering to himself “serenity now?”  That’s how I see people who just use affirmations ending up being.  Not everyone is going to go crazy, but you never truly believe in it.  The META Yes exercise speeds up the process and quickly integrates these beliefs in to your neurology, bringing about a whole new world of positive energy for you to tap in  to.  With this newfound energy, you may find yourself going more direct, being more playful, or whatever it is you normally are.  Ramp it up!

Make the META Yes a part of your daily routine and watch how quickly you escalate from Chump to Champ!



One Response to “META Yes”

  1. Josh Apperson Says:

    This is freaking amazing.

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