Afformations vs Affirmations

I recently ran across something online called “Afformations.”  It’s like an affirmation, but it’s used in question form.
Example:  Why am I so attractive to women?
By asking yourself a question of this nature, you’re supposed to reach a logical conclusion subconsciously.  But if you’re not attractive to women, and the mere sight of you repulses them with such disgust that they run away from you screaming, like Lisa Turtle running away from Screech (yeah, I watched it too! ), then you won’t be able to reach a logical conclusion.  Your ku will come back with “you’re not!  But you can be!”

Now if you start asking your ku how you can become successful, he’ll respond with things to do to kick your butt in to gear so that you’re not going home with Pamela Handerson every night.

Once you start reaching plateaus of what you consider success, then you can start asking yourself these questions.

If you’re 5’10 and weigh 300 pounds and ask yourself “Why am I so physically fit?” when you’re incredibly fat and out of shape, your ku will tell you that you’re not and to quit dreaming. If it does come back positive, you’re only deluding yourself.

Then again, sometimes it’s good to have positive delusions about ourselves!  I think Gene Simmons said something like that once.
The key to affirmations becoming a success aren’t the speed at which they work. It’s how effective they work once you get both sides of your mind (conscious and subconscious) believing that it’s true. If you are subconsciously trying to get your conscious self to believe something that isn’t true at the moment, but you want to be true, your subconscious will keep believing it until you consciously believe and/or recognize this as fact. Same works in reverse. You can believe something consciously and hammer your subconscious with it until it submits and begins to believe it as fact too.

Then, when you use the affirmation “I’m a fucking pussy magnet!” you’ll get this rush of endorphins that’ll validate your belief. When you use the afformation “Why am I such a pussy magnet?” your ku will give you examples of your own successes to confirm what you think to be true, is in fact, the truth.


6 Responses to “Afformations vs Affirmations”

  1. Hey OG: “Afformations”–interesting concept! And interesting discussion too.

    But now let’s consider some basic principles: 1) Subconscious rules! — whatever your subconscious really believes will manifest in your life; 2) The subconscious can’t tell the difference between reality and vivid imaginary events; 3) The more vivid and the more repetitions of an imaginary event, statement, etc, the more “real” to the subconscious; 4) Hence, to use affirmations effectively, they must be worded so that they are within the subject’s current realm of “believability” ie, he could believe them, even if they may not be reality at the present time; 5) Affirmations that are vividly worded (but not exaggerated) will be most effective; 6) Repetition will increase the “realness” of the affirmations to the subconscious; and 7) Affirmations are clearly an example of using the conscious mind to get the subconscious to believe, and thence manifest in one’s life.

    Curious about what kind of thing or situation might be an example of “If you are subconsciously trying to get your conscious self to believe something that isn’t true at the moment, but you want to be true.” Would this be something like one’s mind generalizing from an earlier (usually negative) childhood experience, so that the generalized belief limits the adult’s capacity, even though it doesn’t really match the current reality?

    Finally, in Shamanism (of which it sounds like you’re a practitioner too), we go even further with subconscious manifestation, actually affecting not only our own beliefs, and the beliefs of other people, but also manifestation of events and ocurences in the “real” world. Quotes because “reality is just another illusion!” — the Old Quarterback

  2. 1) The ku does rule! You are very right about that.
    2) Agreed.
    3) Agreed.
    4) Agreed. My criticism of Afformations, though, is to accept them as real even if they are completely out of your reality. I make 22k a year, so using the Afformation “why am I such a millionaire playboy?” is going to get rejected by my ku because I’m not a millionaire playboy. However, the affirmation of “I am going to become incredibly successful in life, business, and romance” is going to train one’s neurology to set forward on his path of becoming successful in those areas if that’s what he wants.
    5) Agreed.
    6) That ties directly back to your third point.
    7) Agreed.

    It doesn’t necessarily have to been a memory from long ago. Negative life experiences, especially ones that carry a lot of weight, can impact you consciously later in life when you don’t want it to. Your subconscious may have discarded it, but it’s been a part of your life for so long that you still believe it consciously. So ku can begin hammering on your lower self to reject and accept the new reality that should be.

    I’m a novice student to (Hawaiian) shamanism so my facts aren’t completely straight. I thought it was the high self, as opposed to the middle self, that brought about these manifestations?


  3. what you are writing about shows that you are a very profound person, but you should pay more attention to your writing skills so that you express yourself more clearly

    • I’ve been told that before, Tony, but I have this habit of typing how I speak. If there’s some confusion in the language, please don’t hesitate to ask for clarification.

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